Escaping Alcatraz

Well, we managed to get in and out of Alcatraz earlier in the week. Stopping off at Angel Island first for a quick looksee and some lunch. Caught a bit of sunburn too. Oops 🙂

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Alcatraz full photoroll

Faces of the Bridge

Managed to not sleep in this morning so I’ve had  time to sort through some more photos – this lot from our trip over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Superb feat of engineering brilliance. A bit crowded with likeminded tourists up to the first pillar but foot traffic dropped off dramatically after that making for some great uninterrupted photo ops.

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GGBridge1-5219 GGBridge1-5215 GGBridge1-5207 GGBridge1-5201 GGBridge1-5168 GGBridge1-5156

Golden Gate full photoroll


Moo Gear is Here

Came home from holiday to a very nice surprise.

Hello! We’re MOO – and we love to print” the box said. in the UK had delivered some flash new advert cards and the first batch run of postcards. A week earlier than promised.

Super impressed with how they’ve turned out too!

Boxed Set, postcards and bus cards
Boxed Set, postcards and advert cards


Don’t be shy though. hop on over to and pick up your own collection, and get 10% discount at the same time.



It’s Saturday so I’ve a little time to sort through some more photos from one of my recent trips back home.

This time it’s Jac’s turn in front of the lens rather than behind it 😉

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Guitar Man full photoroll

Photo Challenge: Selfie

This week’s photo challenge was just that, a challenge…

I thought about doing one of  the usual “in the mirror shots” but the lighting isn’t that great in our bathrooms here and I’ve no time to set something up, nor time to head out somewhere swanky just to take a photo challenge shot as we’re frantically trying to prepare the house for final council inspection.

As part of that activity though, we had Alban the Arborist on site today doing some goodness with a couple of native trees around the house boundary.

So, I opportunistically took a close up shot of him knowing I’d appear in his sunglasses as per below.

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TheTedster in Alban's shades
TheTedster in Alban’s shades

Here are a couple of additional shots to give some context to today’s film shoot. More will go up in the regular D&A pages when I get time.

postaweek-selfie-0183 postaweek-selfie-0254
Checkout how other folk responded to this week’s challenge.

Photography and random thoughts of Ted Grenfell: Titirangi, NZ


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