Photo Challenge: Selfie

This week’s photo challenge was just that, a challenge…

I thought about doing one of  the usual “in the mirror shots” but the lighting isn’t that great in our bathrooms here and I’ve no time to set something up, nor time to head out somewhere swanky just to take a photo challenge shot as we’re frantically trying to prepare the house for final council inspection.

As part of that activity though, we had Alban the Arborist on site today doing some goodness with a couple of native trees around the house boundary.

So, I opportunistically took a close up shot of him knowing I’d appear in his sunglasses as per below.

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TheTedster in Alban's shades
TheTedster in Alban’s shades

Here are a couple of additional shots to give some context to today’s film shoot. More will go up in the regular D&A pages when I get time.

postaweek-selfie-0183 postaweek-selfie-0254
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Photo Challenge: Object

This week’s challenge had me thinking a bit.

Use one tangible object as both your inspiration and subject

What could I take a snap of, within the building site we’re inhabiting, that might make for an interesting shot?

I parked that thought as I continued sanding and plastering the house through the weekend. Then it dawned on me. We had just unpacked some coffee cup coasters we bought in Perth and you’ll see why below but they make an excellent accompaniment in the frame to my object of choice.

My wedding ring. Pictured below with the ring my wife gave me when we got engaged.

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Wedding Ring
Wedding Ring

Now back to dreaming of the house being fully habitable 🙂

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